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Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a model for classifying learning objectives in education. It has been named after Benjamin Bloom, an American educational psychologist, who was instrumental in creating the model. Bloom’s taxonomy divides the objectives set for learners into three ‘domains’, namely cognitive, affective and psycho-motor. Higher level knowledge is dependent on learners having gained pre-requisite knowledge within these domains. This model’s goal is to focus on all three domains to make the learning holistic in nature.

  • Cognitive
  • Affective
  • Behavioral

1. COGNITIVE This domain consists of skills revolving around knowledge and comprehension, and logical thinking. These skills are stressed upon specifically in traditional education. There are six levels in this taxonomy, listed from lowest order to highest below- bloom's taxonomy   Following are the meanings and practical implications of these terms- bloom's taxonomy_cognitive     2. AFFECTIVE Skills in this domain are about how people react emotionally and empathize with others’ joys and sorrows. The domain consists of 5 levels, starting lowest order to highest- bloom's taxonomy_affective   3. PSYCHO-MOTOR: The skills of this domain are about one’s physical ability to manipulate tools and instruments. Psycho-motor objectives mostly focus on change of behavior or skills.   Note: For more information on Training & HR concepts and models, log in to a suitable course at http://www.easygyan.com/courses.html


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Appraisal Time

Appraisal Time

Quick fixes to help your career

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February 25, 2014 · 3:57 am

How We Started

An entrepreneurial fervor and wish to be my own boss, coupled with a deep interest in HR and a master’s degree in human resource management supplied me with the right kind of motivation to go ahead and start my own recruitment agency in Delhi. Thus Lakshya Consulting was born in 2002, and we were soon doing pan-India recruitments for some of the most reputed Indian and well as multinational companies in sectors such as Advertising, PR, Banking, Consumer Durables, FMCG and Publishing.

Within a year we forayed into online education sector, in association with some great minds from the industry, with a range of one-of-its kind online short term training programs to serve the burgeoning needs of skill enhancement for private sector in India. The complete list of online certificate courses and diploma courses, run by our training division Easygyan.com,  is available at www.easygyan.com/courses.htm . By God’s grace the education portal has found great acceptance in India as well as overseas, and many students, working professionals and homemakers are utilizing the knowledge to hone their skills without having to invest time and money in regular classroom training programs. 

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